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About Baird Texas

Baird is a vibrant community located 20 miles east of Abilene on Interstate 20.  Baird, the county seat of Callahan County, has plenty to offer residents, visitors, and businesses. 

Established in 1880, Baird has a rich, colorful history from cattle trails to railroad tracks to the interstate highway.  Historical buildings dot the town and annual events celebrate the past and the present. 

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Development Corporation of Baird

The Development Corporation of Baird has set aside a tract of land adjacent to the railroad for the purpose of industrial and community development. The site is located along the southern boundary of the city with direct access to rail and Highway 283 and Interstate 20.

The Baird Chamber

Historically, and to this day, the Chamber of Commerce remains the most trusted source of information on local businesses and services and the most dependable ally in commerce. There is no better partner for success than the Baird Chamber of Commerce.

America as a nation stands for freedom and the Chamber concept can only be found where private initiative and free enterprise exist. Chambers of Commerce serve a function internationally, nationally and locally, with a proven record of success for the benefit of local business and commerce, as well as on a much larger scale.

Why Join Our Chamber

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce offers many advantages for business success not enjoyed by non-members. The purpose of a Chamber is to assist you as a business owner by providing valuable tools to help you grow your business.

Aside from the important community services provided by the Baird Chamber, there are several others included with membership.

One of those is a new USA based technology team which is here for our members.

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